December 9, 2013

It’s Time to Add to Our PLNs

My students – preservice teachers – learned how to create their own PLNs this semester. The students read education blogs and they wrote their own. They use a reader to make following blogs easier. They followed educators on Twitter… and they learn to tweet, to retweet, and to favorite. They shared as well as benefitted from what they read. Their favorite curation tools were Delicious and Pinterest. They created plans to curate and share what they learned as well as use it in their own soon-to-be classrooms. They also planned to publish their own experiences and ideas. They are excited about the opportunities that collaborating with others in our PLNs offers to today’s teachers.

One of the challenges when developing your PLN is to find blogs to follow. There are many excellent education blogs today, but each beginning teacher comes from a different place with individual experiences and needs. Choosing the first blogs to follow can sometimes be challenging. I, of course, make suggestions for a variety of disciplines. I also provides lists of award-winning and award-nominated blogs.

Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher) has published an article about this year’s Edublog Award finalists and accompanied it with some of her usual wisdom and experience. In a message that I send to my students this week (exam week already!) I will recommend that they read her article and check out the blogs on the finalists list. You can read it at The Edublog Awards and the Legacy of Beth Holmes. I know that I plan to add to my PLN through the Edublog Award finalists list!

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