June 28, 2015

Are You Attending the ISTE 2015 Conference? If Not, Visit This Site!

What an interesting week this has been. Our family room was flooded for the first (and I hope the last) time ever. And I taught a week-long workshop about creatively using SMART Boards with a group of talented and hard-working educators. This week definitely had lows and highs. I must also say that even though getting the water out of the family room and cleaning afterwards is not fun, I realize how blessed we are to have had only a few inches of water in the room rather than several feet of water as I have seen on news shows that reported flooding from other storms in other parts of the country.

ISTE Standards for Teachers / Denise Krebs / CC BY 2.0

Since we are still cleaning, today's blog post is just a short note about an excellent site that I visited as I have researched ideas for this Summer's workshops.

T&L Live @ ISTE

If you are not at ISTE 2015, you probably wish you were. I do! Tech & Learning describes this site:
Tech&Learning Live @ISTE2015 is a curated social media hub that will deliver highlights of the world's largest edtech events as selected by Tech&Learning Media Group's team of journalists.
Read about both the tools and the news of using edtech with our students. My favorite quotation so far is:
Our students' dreams are bigger than the standards we have to cover.
(Sorry that I cannot tell you (yet!) who said that. The post had a photo of the speaker, but I do not recognize her. If anyone can tell me who to credit for that quotation, I would appreciate it.)

You'll find suggestions on attending (and preparing to attend) an ISTE conference in addition to teaching and learning ideas and tools... and lots of links to follow.

Be sure to visit and explore T&L Live @ ISTE

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