August 24, 2015

Homes, Apps, Websites, and Tools... in Education Today

Some interesting ideas I discovered recently about calculus-inspired homes, apps, education websites, and techie tools...

An Integral Part of Calculus / Dan Bach / CC BY 2.0

Calculus Inspired a Millionaire Mathematician's Curvy Home
Can calculus can help you build a beautiful home?
Dr. James Stewart integrated his home in Toronto, Canada into its environment using calculus. Stewart is the author of many calculus textbooks used in the US and in Canada. His lovely home is known as the Integral House or the house that math built.
Be sure to view this video example of using mathematics in "everyday" life!
Student iPad School - 175 / Brad Flickinger / CC BY 2.0
From Classroom Word Games to Dynamic Graphs, There's an App for That
Three educators share apps they use to help their students learn. One educator teaches middle school mathematics; another teaches second grade. The third is a librarian. The apps they suggest work well with a variety of subjects  and student ages.
The educators are Cathy Yenca (Texas), Erin Klein (Michigan), and Shannon McClintock Miller (Colorado).
The (very interesting!) apps they recommend are:
Education Website / Pixabay / CC0 1.0
Forty... Now Fifty Educational Websites for Your Summer 2015 Toolkit, Parts 1 through 5
The author...
  • names each app
  • lists key features/benefits and
  • provides the URLs in this list of educational websites.
This list is a treasure chest to explore!
Technology Tools / Pixabay / CC0 1.0
What's New: New Tools for Schools
This article provides lists of software, online resources, apps, and hardware to examine. The items listed vary from tools for teachers to tools for districts. Individual teachers and administrators both may find some useful ideas here.

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