August 27, 2012

New School Years... New Blogs...

For as long as I've been teaching (a long time!) I never fail to find preparing for the first day to be exciting. During the last week I have been tweaking a syllabus, the lessons for my first unit, a wiki, and a gradebook. And I've paid more attention to Twitter than I usually do because I plan to use it with my students during the fall semester.

I usually run a pretty much paperless classroom, but at the beginning I print the photos, majors, and names of my students to help me learn the names of the ones I haven't had in class yet.

I bookmarked (using Delicious) some sites that showed up on Twitter. Here's what the labels look like in Wordle. [The image is no longer available as of 7/7/2013.]

I can easily see what my current interests are: technology tools, web 2.0, IFTTT, flipped classrooms, blogging, Evernote, iPad, QR codes, ... I know! I know! Too many interests and too little time! But I do see some directions I want to go in my next few blog posts.

So, first I meet and begin the teaching and learning process with my new students. And then at the end of the week I'll write the next post for the blog. Sounds like a good week to me!  :)

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