September 1, 2012

Twitter Tips

Twitter Bird
We're using Twitter in the Applied Technology class that I am teaching this semester. Twitter is a quick way for the students to let me know when they need some help with their assignments during the week. Hopefully, they will also discover that it's a good tool for professional development.

I've used Twitter previously, but I never spent much time with it. Obviously, that's not going to be true this semester! While I was at this morning I noticed an interesting infographic of Twitter tips. I implemented a couple of the tips immediately and decided to use some of the other tips later.

Cheryl Lawson ( has organized the tips well and her writing style is easy reading.

You can find ideas for your profile (why you should use a photo rather than an avator), how to find people to follow (use hashtags), and other good ideas (share photos, pay forward, ...).

Go to to view the infographic and learn some useful Twitter tips whether you're a newbie or more experienced with Twitter.

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