October 21, 2012

Education Hashtags in Twitter

Canaries in their flight cage
When I was a child my mother and I kept pet birds. We enjoyed canaries and parakeets mostly. The canaries were lovely singers and some of the parakeets learned to talk. They were fun. Mickey, one of my favorite birds, was a cockatiel. He was very friendly with a personality of his own.

So why am I thinking about birds? I feel like I'm surrounded by Twitter birds this fall! I've enjoyed my students' and my experiment using Twitter in class. I learned a lot about Twitter. I added to my knowledge of educational technology through Twitter. I've also read some wise tweets, some funny ones, and some heart-warming ones.

Twitter bird
Twitter Bird

I did not plan to write another post about Twitter for a while because I wanted to explore some other interests, but... I couldn't resist sharing Joyce Valenza's post about educational Twitter hashtags. (And thanks to Vicki Davis for sharing it on Twitter!)

In Educational Twitter Hashtags, the infographic, Joyce Valenza has shared popular hashtags that you can use to focus on your areas of interest. Choose a hashtag that interests you and do a search on it in Twitter. Try more than one. You're sure to find some helpful information... and you may want to visit that hashtag (or two or three) again.

Popular Educational Twitter Hashtags
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