October 27, 2012

Creating Online Slideshows and Videos

I'm experimenting with web-based slideshows and videos. I have tried a number of applications. Some permit you to use your own photos and/or video clips... others are self-contained. Some are like cartoons. Playing with these applications has been fun rather than work, though.

I eliminated applications that provide demos which include words I would not use in front of my students. The availability of a free account was also a necessity. That doesn't mean that a whole classroom can use the application with no cost. Each application must be evaluated as to usefulness and cost for a particular teacher or classroom or school.

Many applications allow the video that you create to be shared with a link or with embedded code. I have posted some of each (links and embedded code) on this blog post as examples.

The applications I tried came from a combination of suggestions from Richard Byrne's blog (http://www.freetech4teachers.com/) and my bookmarks on Delicious.

I still like videoediting with stand-alone applications (e.g., iMovie and MovieMaker), but I think there is definitely a role that these web-based applications can play in the classroom for both the teacher and the students.

What do you think? What has been your experience?

Photo Peach - Link

Photo Peach - Embedded Story
Spring 2013 in Lake Township on PhotoPeach

Photo Peach - Embedded Spiral
Spring 2013 in Lake Township on PhotoPeach

Animoto - Embed Code

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

ScreenCastle - Link     (Note: You can also use Screenr (http://screenr.com) for something like this.)

Go!Animate - Link

Links in this post...

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