November 25, 2013

Preparing Photos for Use

I enjoy taking photos... and playing with them. I am slowly creating my own "stock photographs" that I can use in class and in my blog. That lessens those time-consuming searches for just the right photo... and making sure it has an appropriate Creative Commons license. I keep two folders for these stock photos. One folder is titled Stock Photos; the other, Cartoons and Comics. The contents of the first folder are just regular photos, some touched up a bit to make up for my errors when shooting the photo. The second folder has photos that have been modified to look like cartoons or comics using one of two apps, ToonCamera and Halftone.

Today I have been playing with a new app, Pxture. It takes text that you type and fills it with an image that you choose. Or it can put your text on top of a photo. How I use Pxture will determine which folder holds the photos I create.

Here's some samples:

Stock photo (camera):

Cartoon (ToonCamera):

Comic (Halftone):

Image-enhanced Text (Pxture):

Would these apps help you and your students to create and/or modify photos for use?

Photos used with permission of Jo Schiffbauer

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