March 14, 2014

Resources for Graphic Organizers, Concept Maps, and Mind Maps

We are learning to use graphic organizers in a class I am teaching this semester. I'm sharing with the students (social studies majors) a list of resources for those new to graphic organizers, concept maps, and mind maps. The academic discipline used for most examples in this list is social studies. Another post later in this blog will share resources from additional disciplines.

Teachers and Their PLNs

Inspiration software provides a good introduction to using graphic organizers including concept maps, mind maps, and webs.

Visual Thinking and Visual Learning
overview, introduction
This site has links to graphic organizers, concept maps, mind maps, and webs

graphic organizers, mind maps, concept maps samples
Social Studies Examples for Inspiration Software

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has published a list of resources and of additional tools to use.

graphic organizers and overview list
Teachers Guide on the Use of Graphic Organizers in the Classroom

Ways to Use a SMART Board
Several sites share mind maps, their history, and samples.

mind maps introduction
Mind Map

mind maps introduction
History of Mind Mapping

mind maps introduction
What is a Mind Map?

mind maps introduction
Mind Mapping: Visualizing Historical Thought

mind maps samples
History Mind Maps

Tools for Teachers
A variety of introductions, resources, and samples are available for concept maps.

concept maps introduction
Concept Map

concept maps introduction
Concept Maps

concept maps introduction
Concept Mapping Resources

concept maps introduction
Classroom Assessment Techniques Concept Mapping

concept maps samples
French Revolution Concept Maps

Graphic Organizers Display / Katie Appleton Day / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The term “graphic organizer” is sometimes used to discuss just one type of graphic organizer… and other times it is used to include graphic organizers, mind maps, concept maps, and webs.

graphic organizers introduction, samples, rubrics
50 Uses of Graphic Organizers and Rubric
Teacher-Created Graphic Organizers
Rubric for Graphic Organizers

graphic organizers introduction and samples
Social Studies - Graphic Organizers & Mini-Lessons

graphic organizers introduction and samples
Content-Area Graphic Organizers - Social Studies

graphic organizers introduction and samples
Graphic Organizers

graphic organizers introduction and samples
Social Science Toolkit of Graphic Organizers

graphic organizers samples
Graphic Organizers

Pinterest Swag / Julochka / CC BY-NC 2.0

Pinterest is by its very nature a visual tool. So it’s a great place to look for other visual tools.

graphic organizers resources

mind maps resources

concept maps resources

social studies resources

history resources

Note: The samples used in this post were created by Jo Schiffbauer with Inspiration software that is designed to be used for visual mapping, outlining, writing, and making presentations. The license on the diagrams is CC BY-NC 3.0 (a Creative Commons license).


  1. Thanks! I would also recommend checking out Lucidchart for some great Concept Map Examples and Templates. Their site is very helpful and easy to use! Check it out!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Karren!