July 14, 2014

Finding Appropriate Images for Blogs and Other Web-based Projects

A blog post is usually more interesting to read if images are included to illustrate the text. I'm frequently looking for sources for images to use in my blog, my class wikis, and other web-based projects. My interest in finding good photos is one of the reasons that I am doing my Project 365/2014 this year. In effect, I am creating my own folder of stock photography to use.

I still use many photos in addition to my own, however; so, I was impressed with Dan Leeman's resource on The EduBlogger blog. He has compiled The Ultimate Directory of Free Image Sources (http://theedublogger.com/2014/07/09/the-ultimate-directory-of-free-image-sources/). His criteria are subjects, high resolution, license, and safety. His categories are search engines, large crowdsourced collections, U.S. Government collections, unique collections, specific subjects, and clipart.

If you use photos to illustrate your writing, I recommend that you check out Dan Leeman's blog post.

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