July 6, 2014

Summer Plans

Vacation / jonycunha / CC BY-SA 2.0

What are your plans for this summer? Do something just for yourself? Improve lessons and procedures? Learn something new? Read? Reflect on the past school year? Rest? Spend time with family and friends? Take a workshop? Travel? Work? So many choices... so little time!

Here are some suggestions from Vicki Davis, Reading Horizons, and about.com: Secondary education:

Top 12 Summer Tips for Top Teachers

The Teachers Guide to Summer Break: Tips for Fun, Relaxation, & Professional Development

Top 10 To Do’s for Teachers During Summer Vacation

My favorites are Davis’ revitalize your physical health, Reading Horizons’ create family time, and About.com’s try something new. Of course, I’m going to do the school-related items such as reflecting, improving lessons, and preparing for the new year. But, it’s important to take care of ourselves, too. Enjoy your summer!

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