December 29, 2014

Students' Requests for Help and Disposing of Your Old Technology Devices

Two very different topics caught my attention this week. The first, research on students' requests for help, provides useful information to help us as we work with our students in the classroom or online. The second, what to do with our old technology gadgets, gives some helpful ideas for disposing of old technology when we have new techie items to replace the old.

Big Ideas... / Wonderlane / CC BY 2.0

Larry Ferlazzo recently posted some interesting research on students' requests (or lack thereof) for help in the classroom. How "aggressive"... how "respectful"... how "persistent"... the students are apparently reflects how their parents have taught them to obtain help. And the families' socio-economic backgrounds play an important role in that instruction.

Read about this research on Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day...
The Best Research on Why Some Students Ask for More or Less Help Than Others

Old Tech / Steve Greer / CC BY 2.0

5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Tech Gear at Yahoo! Tech includes useful advice along with suggested ways to dispose of old technology gadgets. Dan Tynan recommends regifting, using a broker, selling, donating, or recycling your devices.

Gizmodo's The Best Way to Recycle Your Old Gadgets by Andrew Tarantola suggests selling or donating your old techie devices. Specific sites are recommended.

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