January 11, 2015

Classroom Communication

Note: I missed writing a post last week due to the flu... and this week I'm just sharing some ideas rather than a full post due to a head cold. Ugh!

A company, Smartling, has asked several bloggers to create posts on their blogs about the different types of communication they use in their classrooms. The Smartling representative shares that the company is putting together a project about classroom communication. [Note: Smartling is a company that translates websites. For more information see http://www.smartling.com/use-cases/translate-websites/ where they provide a tour.]

Hmm… Are we talking about communication with each other as we are learning in my classroom? Or communication between my students and those with whom they work after they leave my classroom?

Communication is the Key / Sebastien Wiertz / CC BY 2.0

Tonight’s blog post is not an exposition of communication as my students and I use it, but rather an exploration of types of communication. Within the classroom and outside it.


Classroom Communication Tips
The Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning
This article provides many items that I added to my list of ways to communicate. (See below.)


Effective Communication
Effective communication skills are listed and explained. The #1 skill described is LISTENING. I agree!


Here's my list at this point. What would you add?


  • Discussions in class, before and after class
  • Meetings outside class
  • Phone
  • Projection of voice
  • Repetition
  • Speed and volume of voice
  • Eye contact
  • Movement
  • Passion and excitement
  • Proximity
  • Smiling and other facial expressions
Student observation
  • Body language
  • Feedback from students
Electronic, including social media
  • Blogs
  • Email
  • Surveys
  • Texts
  • Twitter
  • Websites
  • Wikis
  • Mind maps (and other similar configurations)
  • Outlines
  • Photos
  • Podcasts and audio clips
  • Portfolios
  • Slide presentations
  • Timelines
  • Videos... including animations and screencasts
Hardware and other material items
  • Artifacts
  • Boards... chalkboard, dry/erase board, SMART board (and other brands)
  • Handouts

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