May 26, 2014

Learning about Augmented Reality for the Classroom

Augmented reality is finding its way into more and more classrooms today. Mobile devices and the augmented reality apps that are available are a major reason for this. Educators are discovering that students find the use of augmented reality to be engaging... whether they are the consumers or the creators of the AR (augmented reality) activities.
Insect Exhibit in the Barrett Discovery Lab / Laurie Sullivan / CC BY 2.0
Today's tools--Aurasma, Layar, and others--make it relatively easy for teachers and students to create augmented reality experiences with computers and/or mobile devices.

I am selecting resources to create an augmented reality unit for an upcoming summer workshop (see the last three weeks' posts and here and here) to help the workshop participants understand the value and benefits of using augmented reality in the classroom. I searched (How Do You Search for Information on a Topic?) for appropriate resources for this unit... and found teachers who shared their classroom experiences and the engaging apps they used.

The workshop materials for augmented reality that I chose fit these categories:
  • introduction,
  • apps,
  • classroom uses, and
  • collections of materials to follow as the field of augmented reality in education continues to grow.
DIY Augmented Reality, MoMA NY / sndrv / CC BY 2.0
Introduction to Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality 
introduction to AR (augmented reality), with a bit of humor

Augmented Reality in Plain English 
link to CommonCraft introduction to AR

The Future of Augmented Reality 
designed for business and marketing, good examples

General Overview…

7 Ways Augmented Reality Will Improve Your Life 
(non-education) examples of AR

Educators’ Introduction…

Teachers’ Guide to Augmented Reality

AR Apps / Jo Schiffbauer / CC BY 2.0


See *Chart (at the end of this post) for combined list of individual apps in these articles…

8 Excellent Augmented Reality Apps for iPad

10 Best Augmented Reality Apps

Top 20 Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iPhone/iPad Users

5 Uses of Augmented Reality In Education

Best Augmented Reality Apps!OQGcf

All worth viewing…

Image Recognition That Triggers Augmented Reality

Tons of Classroom Examples Using Augmented Reality with @Aurasma - A Complete How-To Guide!

Use Aurasma to Create Augmented Reality Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Activities

ColAR Mix… 
Both have good features…

App of the Week that teaches augmented reality

The Coloring Book of the Future Uses Augmented Reality


Elements4D - Exploring Chemistry with Augmented Reality

Fetch! Lunch Rush!...

Fetch! Lunch Rush! - An Augmented Reality Math Game

Smash Cards…

Smash Cards - Augmented Reality Flashcards


ZooBurst - 3D Augmented Reality Books

Insect Exhibit in the Barrett Discovery Lab / Laurie Sullivan / CC BY 2.0
Classroom Uses 
Examples of how teachers are using augmented reality in the classroom…

Augmented Reality Brings New Dimensions to Learning

Augmented Reality in Education

How Augmented Reality Can Change Teaching

Five Apps for Getting Started with Augmented Reality in Education

Good Ideas for Using Augmented Reality in Elementary School Math and Reading

How Augmented Reality (AR) Can Be Great for Math Class: Learning Goals

Putting augmented reality into practice | eSchool News

A Door Knocker Collection from GPCastel / Pierre Metivier / CC BY-NC 2.0


Wiki by Karen E. Hamilton… Augmented Reality in Education

Two Guys and Some iPads… blog with multiple pages (i.e., categories)

Pinterest pins… Augmented Reality in Education

Cybrary Man’s Educational Web Sites…Augmented Reality

Flipboard Magazine by Terri Eichholz… Augmented Reality in Education

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything... Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Blog by Nedim and Wanju… Augmented Reality in Education

iTunes… [download iTunes if you do not already have it] search in the iTunes Store for augmented reality and augmented reality in education to find apps, books, courses, materials, and podcasts

If I find that these resources are not sufficient in some areas, I will look for additional appropriate materials as follows.

Search for augmented reality 
Search for #AR

Examine Augmented Reality in Education curated by James Kapptie

Search for augmented reality

Search for augmented reality 
Search for augmented reality in education


3D Compass+


Anatomy 4D

AR Invaders



Augmented Car Finder

Augmented Colors

ColAR Mix

Fetch! Lunch Rush!!-lunch-rush/id469089331?mt=8


Google Goggles

Google Ingress

Google Sky Map





Satellite AR

Science AR


Spacecraft 3D



Star & Planet Finder

Star Chart

Star Walk

Sun Seeker


The Getty





Will I use ALL these resources in the workshop? Most likely not. However resources that do not become part of the workshop activities may find themselves in a list provided for the participants to access on their own during the workshop or later.

These sites should help facilitate some interesting and useful discussions. How do you help other educators discover the benefits of using augmented reality?


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