May 4, 2014

Sharing the Benefits of Blogging for Educators

Teaching in a Digital World is a workshop for teachers that I will teach this summer. The themes are creativity, collaboration, communication, and the Common Core. Topics include blogs, wikis, podcasts, augmented reality, SMART Boards, Twitter and other social media. During the next few weeks I will explore ideas about these topics to complement my teaching materials.
Blogging / Phil and Jo Schiffbauer / CC BY 2.0
My discovery of blogs several years ago made a major impact on my teaching and my learning. I will share that with the workshop participants. However, I also want to introduce them to the ideas and experiences of other educators who blog. Educators' use of Twitter for professional development may be new to some of the participants, so I will gently introduce that idea as I share some relevant tweets about blogging.

Following are some educators' tweets that I will use in the workshop.
These tweets and the posts they reference should help facilitate some interesting and useful discussions. How do you help other educators discover the benefits of reading blogs and writing and maintaining your own blog?


  1. Wow thanks for the referral. I think I'll always be a blogger but appreciate how twitter helps drive the sharing of content.

    You might also want to add to your workshop that blogging and twitter helps build learning communities beyond borders. I'm a New Zealand teacher currently teaching at an international school in Singapore!

  2. Stephanie, you are so right about learning communities going beyond borders. Excellent teachers who share great ideas can be found in any country. It's not only students who can find authentic audiences when they blog (or tweet). Teachers can, too!