May 31, 2014

Using Twitter as an Educator

Many educators today use Twitter professionally and/or personally. Professional use usually includes two categories: (1) enhancing teaching and learning in the classroom and (2) professional development.

The Four Stages of Getting on Twitter Infographic / Roba Al-Assi / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
I am selecting resources to add to a Twitter (and other social media) unit for an upcoming summer workshop (see the last four weeks' posts and here and here and here) to help the workshop participants understand the value and benefits of using Twitter for professional development and in the classroom. I searched for appropriate resources for this unit... and found some guides and tips to add to my current materials. Because I taught a similar unit in a course this spring I want to add just a few outstanding resources to what I already use.

The workshop materials for Twitter that I chose fit these categories:

  • guides for teachers,
  • classroom uses,
  • tips, and
  • suggestions about students.
WTJ-Doodle over THE INSTRUCTIONS page / Arthur T. Bens / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Guides for Teachers and Classroom Uses

I'll Give YOU a Tip / Rachael Voorhees / CC BY 2.0

Student iPad 014 / Brad Flickinger / CC BY 2.0
Suggestions about Students

Will I use ALL these resources in the workshop? Most likely not. However resources that do not become part of the workshop activities may find themselves in a list provided for the participants to access on their own during the workshop or later.

These sites should help facilitate some interesting and useful discussions. How do you help other educators discover the benefits of using Twitter?

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