November 9, 2014

Good Reading on Digital Citizenship, Humor, and Physical Education

I love reading good ideas from members of my PLN. Here's some of what I'm reading this week.

THINK before you / Thomas Galvez / CC BY 2.0
An Ethical Island: How to Teach Without a Lecture and Other Fun
Happy Digital Citizenship Week
Mia MacMeekin
October 24, 2014

An infographic with 27 habits / suggestions for teachers and students to implement digital citizenship in the classroom...

Always Laughing / Melody Hansen / CC BY 2.0
The Teachers' Lounge
50 Strange Things Teachers Say
Brandi Jordan
November 5, 2014

Just what the title of this post says... and definitely worth reading on one of those days when you need a chuckle...  :)

Soccer Practice / WoodleyWonderworks / CC BY 2.0
The Physical Rethinking What Can Be Done in Physical Education
The Skillbook
Joey Feith and Mike Cicchillitti
November 2, 2014

I recommend this blog (and selected other resources) when physical education teachers--or university students who are studying to become physical education teachers--question my suggestion that they check out social media for ideas to help them become better PE educators.

In this post Joey Feith shares what his goals have been for "phase one" of this blog... and what he would like to see happen in "phase two." He wants to see a resource (using Google Sheets) developed by PE educators. This resource will become a "one-stop-shop for all skill content knowledge." Read more about his idea in the post... and consider volunteering to help if you are a PE teacher.

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