November 17, 2014

Learning About Shapes (Geometric Polygons) and Creating Websites for Classroom Use

I taught mathematics for many years in grades 6 through 12. One of my favorite mathematics topics was--and still is--geometry. So, this week I enjoyed reading about two interesting approaches to learning about shapes (geometric polygons). One activity is for primary students; another, for teenagers. One is low-tech; the other, high-tech.

Colourful Street Art / Les Haines / CC BY 2.0

Kathy Cassidy teaches primary students (6 year olds) in Canada. This week her students worked with geometric shapes via an art activity. Read about her students' work and see the creations that the students posted on their blogs.


Kyle Pearce teaches teenagers about mathematics and has used iPads to help his students learn. This week he reviewed Shape Lab, a new iPad app that allows students to draw and manipulate geometric shapes. Read about this interesting app on Pearce's blog.

How to SEO Your Websites / SEOPlanter / CC BY 2.0

Some of my workshop participants last summer suggested several topics they would like me to offer in a workshop this next summer. One of those topics is the design and creation of websites for and by teachers and students. Yohana Desta lists five website creation sites (WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix) and reviews each on the Mashable blog. She lists pros and cons for each and indicates if there are initial costs or ones that you may want to consider later. These sites are not evaluated from the perspective of an educator; however, I like to read how other folks evaluate technology and add that to my own perspective as an educator.

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