November 30, 2014

Three Guides for Technology Gifts

Gift Box / FutUndBeidl / CC BY 2.0

Many of us are thinking about technology gifts for family and friends during the holidays. Are you looking for ideas?

Edutopia has published How to Give a Successful Tech Gift by Vicki Davis. As always, Davis' writing has good ideas and thoughtful advice.

The Unclutterer blog shares Unclutterer's 2014 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Technology Gifts from David Caolo for technology gifts for the 2014 holidays. The items on his gift list are unique and useful. Gift lists from previous years are available at the end of the article.

ThinkGeek provides Perfect Gift Ideas based on the budget of the giver and the interests of the receiver of the gift.

And, finally, if a camera (smartphone, compact, micro 4/3 system, or DSLR) is on your list, you may want to read the series about Buying a Digital Camera published on the Flickr blog. This five-part series may help you decide which type of camera fits your interest and your budget in cameras.

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