March 8, 2015

Drones--and Other Ways--to Celebrate Pi Day

Pi Day (March 14) will be here in less than a week.

Approximate Pie / Stuart Caie / CC BY 2.0

If you are looking for additional resources for your classes, check Edutopia's updated list. Your lessons and celebration can include music, ideas for many graded levels, the history of pi, interactive games, and--of course--mathematics lessons.

Some of the websites dedicated to pi and/or Pi Day are:

MIT sends admission decisions to next year's students on March 14 each year. They also create humorous videos appropriate for Pi Day. This year their video goes above and beyond... almost literally... with drones. Be sure to check their video, Keep Your Eyes to the Skies This Pi Day, (!

ascii_pi / Jorel Pi / CC BY 2.0

Resources used for this blog post...

7 Classroom Resources for Pi Day

How to Celebrate Pi Day in Your Classroom

In rare instance, MIT's 'Pi Day" falls on 3/14/15

Keep your eyes to the skies this Pi Day (video)

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