March 29, 2015

Passwords, Online Sources, Mathematics, and Art... in Education Today

Catching up on some of my favorite blogs. Again. Some posts caught my interest... and may catch yours, too.

Locked Out / Brett Jordan / CC BY 2.0

Vicki Davis
Cool Cat Teacher
10 Things Everyone Should Know about Passwords
As always, Vicki provides a practical approach to and good suggestions for her topic--this time--passwords.

Citation Needed / Future Atlas / CC BY 2.0

Mia MacMeekin
An Ethical Island
How Do You Choose Good Online Sources?
Mia uses an infographic to illustrate her response to students who ask how to choose good sources to cite.

Math / Dylan Ng / CC BY 2.0

Helge Scherlund
Helge Scherlund's Elearning News
New Math Needed to Explore New Networks
Helge shares ideas about the mathematics that helps us find answers about large networks or databases.

Statisticians Listen and Give a Voice to Data
Helge introduces us to a statistician and his approach to helping students learn to use statistics.

My Cats painted by Dvorit Ben Shaul / Ze'ev Barkan / CC BY 2.0

Robin Pogrebin
The New York Times
Not Digital Art, but Art Learned Digitally
Robin writes about an art teacher who offers drawing and painting classes online.

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