March 1, 2015

Five Resources for Educators: Music, Net Neutrality, Photography, Physical Education, Supreme Teacher of the Universe

Blogs are a rich source of information and ideas for educators. These five resources caught my attention today.

Notes on a Score / Horia Varian / CC BY 2.0

Resource #1
5 Music Resources for the Classroom

Music has many uses in the classroom. It can be a topic serving as a component in a unit (e.g., music of the Twenties) or a tool to help students learn (e.g., calendar songs) or background music for the brain (e.g., Baroque) or the main focus of a lesson (e.g., notation).

This article lists sources for accessing a variety of music selections, some free, some not. These music resources would be good to share with colleagues as well as to use in your own classroom.

Resource #2
Net Neutrality - Explained by Common Craft

Net Neutrality is in the news due to the recent proposal of the FCC to regulate the Internet as utilities are regulated. Common Craft has created a short video (3 minutes) to explain the basics of net neutrality. View the video on the Common Craft website or on YouTube.

Many misconceptions exist about net neutrality. Common Craft's video is a good discussion starter for adults or students.

used with permission of Jo Schiffbauer

Resource #3
10 Lessons You Can Learn from a Child to Improve Your iPhone Photography

A former teacher shares ideas for becoming a better photographer. His suggestions can help you to view your subjects from a different perspective... to think and shoot "out of the box."

These recommendations are useful where you are using an iPhone or another smartphone camera or a regular camera.

Resource #4
How I Teach: Osama Abujafar

Students who are studying to become physical education teachers sometimes question how they can use technology in their field. website provides many resources and suggestions to answer this question.

How I Teach is a series of profiles of technology-using physical education teachers. This article is one of those profiles.

Teacher.001 / Mike Sansone / CC BY 2.0

Resource #5
Almost 32 Things You Should Consider Doing in Order to Become the Supreme Teacher of the Universe

Paul Bogush has an interesting way of counting in this post, but what he shares is worth reading and considering. You will find some technical suggestions and some inspirational recommendations. Read his article... and share it with colleagues or pre-service teachers.

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