September 23, 2013

Becoming a Technology-Literate Teacher

This snapshot of an Inspiration diagram has gone through several versions and multiple purposes. The current version (TLT 2013.isf) attempts to describe the knowledge, skills, and habits of a technology-literate teacher. I prepared the diagram with my pre-service teacher education students in mind.

The main idea (Technology-Literate Teacher) can be clicked to hear a spoken comment about PLNs and being a lifelong learner. The main idea also has a note that lists the components of the diagram.

The lead symbol in each section (Professional Development, Hardware, Software, Network, Social Media, and Technology Integration) provides a note with a summary of information about that topic.

At least one of the symbols in each section is linked to a website. Some of the websites include videos.
The Graphics Credit symbol provides the attribution for copyrighted graphics in the diagram that are not part of the Inspiration application.

What changes would you make?

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