September 9, 2013

Investigating a Source for Virtual Field Trips

What a delightful evening! I have been exploring virtual field trips at iTunesU and apps for virtual field trips at Apple’s App Store. I recommend that you investigate some of what is available from these two sources.

Go to Virtual Field Trips at iTunesU to begin your exploration. You can also do a search for virtual field trips at the iTunes Store.

The podcasts (audio and video) in iTunesU are free, of course. Some of the apps in the App Store are free; others are not. The most expensive app I saw was $5.99. The podcasts (audio and video) at iTunesU include the categories of museums, historic sites, national parks, libraries, and performing arts. The apps include the same categories except that I did not see any libraries apps. However, when I visited the App Store I did find libraries apps, including a virtual tour of the Library of Congress.

As I explored I watched a mummy being rewrapped, heard a ranger tell some funny stories about Theodore Roosevelt, saw interesting videos of the Everglades, had access to key documents of the Civil War, and watched a fascinating interview of Andre Previn. Whether you’re thinking about a virtual field trip or simply looking for interesting, authentic resources for your classes, I think it’s worth investigating virtual field trips at iTunesU

Photo: / CC BY 2.0
Link: Virtual Field Trips at iTunesU - 

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