September 1, 2013

Exploring Pinterest Boards

My first impression of blogs—many years ago—was that they were probably uninteresting journals of daily activities such as what I ate for lunch. Even though I was not interested in those blogs I was even less impressed with the unkind comments I saw on some blogs.

Well, those blogs may not have interested me, but I certainly have found many that do. Educators do know how to use blogs to reflect, to curate, and to share. I follow many outstanding blogs and I encourage my teacher education students to do the same.

When I first noticed that Pinterest was becoming a popular social media site my reaction was pretty much the same. (You'd think I would learn!) Although I thought Pinterest would probably be an interesting site for pursuing hobbies and other interests, it did not occur to me that it would become a popular and very useful place for educators to curate content and to share ideas for teaching and learning.

    Still curious about Pinterest, but don't know what to explore? Try some of these ideas. (Some are education-related, some not.)
    What was my biggest surprise on Pinterest this summer? It's a great place to find education bloggers! See for yourself:,

    Photos used with permission of Jo Schiffbauer

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