February 2, 2014

Free Quality Photos are Available on the Web

This week (February 2, 2014) I am sharing several useful ideas and resources that I discovered through my PLN. The topics are:
  • free photos you can use
  • using color appropriately on a website
  • facilitating online courses and
  • an introductory video for mobile learning.
Each of the four topics is in an individual post.

Stock Photos That Don’t Suck: a list of places to find the best free stock photos
scroll down from the opening screen to see the list…
Ten sites are listed in this article. I have provided three examples below.

Little Visuals

I subscribed to the weekly images. “Use them [the photos] anyway you want,” states the author of the site. Currently, the site has been temporarily disabled due to too much traffic. However, individual photos are available on the site and can be downloaded one-by-one. The photos include many different subjects. The geometry teacher in me could not resist this one—Peace—from Germany.

Peace / Little Visuals  / CC0 1.0


Folkert Gorter's photographs are available free if you use the attribution license at his SuperFamous site. I found many scientific photos (especially geological). The photo I am posting here is tagged flowers; however, I did not find a title for the photograph.

Flowers / Folkert Gorter / CC BY 3.0


The photographs (of many topics) at this site are totally free for commercial and personal use. The example I have posted is that of a highway at night. I would give attribution to the website even though it is not required.

Highway at Night / Viktor Hanacek / PicJumbo

Go to Stock Photos That Don’t Suck: a list of places to find the best free stock photos to visit the other sites where you can find photos to use for free.

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