February 2, 2014

What Color is Your World Website?

This week (February 2, 2014) I am sharing several useful ideas and resources that I discovered through my PLN. The topics are:
  • free photos you can use
  • using color appropriately on a website
  • facilitating online courses and
  • an introductory video for mobile learning.
Each of the four topics is in an individual post.

Cuadros / Natalie de Frutos / The Pattern Library

eLearning Design – Choosing the Right Color

When we design websites or put together online courses or activities the content, of course, is most important. However, our reaction to the content is colored (pun intended) by the colors used.

Do you know…
  • Do we need to use a little or a lot of a warm color for it to make an impact?
  • Are there any rules for what colors should be used for text?
  • Which colors work well for colorblind students?
  • What is the most liked color?
  • What colors work well with children?
  • Do those same colors work well with adults?
Check the eLearning website for answers to these questions and additional information. (Hint: an answer to one of these questions is blue.) 

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